Here at “Sunrider” we have established new security protocols to contain and prevent our clients and crew from being infected or from carrying and spreading the virus. These hygiene measures are carried out every day, in all of our activities and for all clients and workers.
The capacity of our boats and transportation shuttle shave been limited to 50%


1. All male collaborators shall present themselves shaved, without mustache or beard.
2. No collaborator should present themselves with any type of jewelry, including a wristwatch.
3. The commute to work must be direct and without any deviations, HOME-WORK.
4. Collaborators who use public transport should wear a mask and gloves, their uniform inside a plastic bag to put in on once in the workplace.
5. Before entering workplace, their temperature will be taken and their health status will be monitored, being recorded in a daily log.
6. All employees will use sanitizing mat to sanitize footwear before entering any work facilities.
7. All collaborators must wear a face mask or mouth cover covering at all times while in working hours.
8. The collaborator must maintain a healthy distance and practice social distancing as work tasks in the workplace allow.
9. The boats toilets will be cleaned and sanitized every 20 minutes and will be recorded in a daily cleaning log.
10. Frequent contact surfaces will be identified, this also applies to the transport units used to transport passengers to their activities and they will be cleaned with a disinfectant solution.
11. Our drivers will come to your service with mouth covers, facemask, latex gloves and will have a non-contact thermometer to verify the temperature of each of the passengers. The drier will have an antibacterial gel dispenser for the exclusive use of the passengers to transport.
12. In the case of the person in charge of the boarding, he/she will be doing it with a mouth cover, face mask, latex gloves and will have an anti-bacterial gel dispenser exclusively for the use of the clients in order to sanitize their hands as they board.
13. The crew will use latex gloves and trays for the service and thus avoid direct contact with the glasses of the drinks and the drinks served by the bartender, which will only handle the glasses of the drinks requested by the client with sterile latex gloves.
14. In the case of the buffet, the chef must always wear his face mask, mouth guard and latex gloves.



1. The temperature of each client will be taken before entering dock 4, in case their temperature is equal to or greater that 38 degrees Celsius, they will be denied entry to the activity.
2. For the customers with transportation included, they must be presented to the vehicle with a face mask, otherwise a facemask will be provided at their cost.
3. The client must try to respect the safe distance protocol in any way possible during transportation, check in and throughout the duration of the activity.
4. The client must NOT appear with bags garments that are not necessary for the activity.
5. The client may not touch any utensil to serve, these will be used only by the chef at the client’s request.
6. The client must use the plastic cutlery individually packed in a plastic bag, these must be opened with the hands and never with the mouth.
7. The client must hand over the “IRRIGATION FACTOR IDENTIFICATION QUESTIONNAIRE” with his handwriting.
8. Each and every one of our clients must use our shoe disinfection tray before boarding the boat.
9. The client will be obliged to fill out the “RESPONSIVE LETTER” where he/she indicates that he/she does not have any symptoms related to COVID/19 and if he/she has symptoms during or after the activity it is not the responsibility of PACIFICO TOURS S.A de C.V, Sunrider tours for those symptoms.
10. Note: Incase of the breach of one or more of the requirements by the client, you will not be boarded for the activity and will result in a NO SHOW.